Wascomat W620 Washer Laundry Machine 20Lb

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Wascomat W620 washers
Lowest water consumption in the industry.
Control important functions such as exact water levels, wash times and number of rinses with a simple turn of a dial.
Single phase simplicity in 120volt.
Inverter driven motor for smooth and quiet operation, and high efficiency.
Soft-grip, slip-lock door handle for trouble-free operation.
Durable in any environment. Door unlocks immediately at the end of final cycle.
Wascomat washers are the only machines that have instant door open and close.No delays.
Unique 4-compartment supply dispenser lets the customer (or attendant) conveniently load all laundry supplies before starting the wash.
Riveted uni body steel construction eliminates welds for strength and durability.
Outstanding coin vault security. Interchangeable parts from one machine size to another

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